If you notice that something on this site is not working or if you have any questions regarding the use of this site, send an email to John Babson at or call at 412 963-6180. Also any suggestions to improve the site or provide additional functionality are welcome.

About Broadcast Steel

Broadcast Steel was originally set-up in 2004 to help the Officers of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Association of Women in the Metal Industries (AWMI) maintain its database of its members and those who were to be notified of upcoming chapter meetings. Broadcast Steel is not associated with AWMI and provides this site on a volunteer basis without charge to the Chapter Officers of any AWMI Chapters who elect to use it.

Over the years the site has been expanded to handle mass emailing of Chapter event notifications and Event Registration. This website has been modified so that any AWMI Chapters can use it.
  1. A Chapter can maintain its database of contact information of chapter members and non-members in a centralized location where multiple officers can access and update it. If a chapter has a number of people to add and already has a contact list in an Excel or other file, send it to and we will import the data into the Contact database for you. A chapter's contact database can be downloaded into an Excel file for backup or for mail merge for snail male distribution.
  2. Broadcast Steel can be used to send email meeting announcements and newsletter distributions to some or all of those people in the Contact List. If a Chapter prefers to not use the Contact List here they can provide a list of email addresses to be used specifically for that mailing. An email can contain up to 6 attachments. The emails that are sent using this site use a consistent format and layout but they can be tailored to the particular requirements of an event or the Chapter. Often emails announcing an event can be prepared and sent in minutes.
  3. Broadcast Steel provides a location on the Internet where people can register for a Chapter's event. Optionally, the site can display the names and the company of those who have registered. A Meeting Roster is maintained and can be exported to Excel so that meeting rosters and name tags can be printed. If someone registers who is not in the Chapter's database, they are automatically added so they can receive future event notifications.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this site, send an email to John Babson at or call at 412 963-6180. Broadcast Steel, a division of the Mountain Hawk Corporation, is located at: 106 Berwick Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215.

Broadcast Steel is also used for the development and testing of new features and technologies under consideration for application on the Steel Spider website ( that we also run.

Steel Spider is a central website where steel suppliers advertise their excess and secondary steel that is in stock and available for sale.

Buyers search our multi-supplier Inventory, receive Offerings or send Inquiries to find the steel they need. Steel Spider helps steel suppliers promote their company, generate sales leads, and increase sales. Steel Spider is designed so that buyers and suppliers can deal with each other directly.

Steel Spider makes buying and selling steel more efficient by making it easier for buyers to quickly find the sellers who have the steel they need. Steel Spider brings North American steel buyers and suppliers together to help them build relationships with each other.